Creasing and Cutting Machine


Creasing and Cutting Machine

Die cutting and creasing machine is a special equipment for creasing and cutting ordinary cardboard.

corrugated cardboard, plastic and leather ingeneral, applicable to printing packaging decoration and plastic industries. .

  • Place of Origin: China
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Image shown here is indicative only. If there is any inconsistency between the image and the actual product you receive, the actual product will govern.

MODEL Max. inner chase size (mm) Working speed (strokes/min) Creasing length (mm) Motor power (KW) Weight (KG) Dimension mm(L*W*H)
1800Series 1800×1280mm 16±2 <50m 11KW 14200kg 2180×2760×2250mm
1700Series 1700×1250mm 16±2 <50m 11KW 13200kg 2180×2760×2250mm
1600Series 1600×1250mm 16±2 <50m 11KW 12000kg 2500×2200×2000mm
1500Series 1500×1050mm 16±2 <45m 7.5KW 8000kg 2500×2200×1750mm
1400Series 1400×1000mm 16±2 <45m 5.5KW 6500kg 2200×2200×1750mm
1300Series 1300×920mm 16±2 <40m 5.5KW 5600kg 2200×2200×1750mm
1200Series 1200×820mm 20±2 <35m 4KW 5000kg 1960×1860×1700mm
1100Series 1100×800mm 20±2 <32m 4KW 4500kg 1860×1760×1700mm